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Whether online or offline, casino players can often be quite superstitious and will give any number of reasons for why a win or a loss may have happened, whilst also exploring ways to improve their own chances of winning too. But ultimately winning or losing all comes down to the odds of the game and understanding those which have the best odds of winning is often the most important, so if you’re playing on the biggest games like these how can you ensure your getting the best odds of winning?

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Avoid the slot machines – Both online and offline, slot machines are certainly amongst the most favourite and the most widely played. Where older beliefs had physical machines play a lot different, new electronic and digital versions are all very similar, and unfortunately are statistically amongst the lowest odds of winning even if they are the favourites. The reliance on random-number generators for the game makes each spin truly random, and with so many varieties of slot including extra reels and all the newer additions, it only lowers your odds of winning in many instances. If you’re playing for fun, these are certainly amongst the best games to play, but if you’re playing with the goal of winning, there are other choices out there that are much better for you.

The near 50/50 games – There are a few game options that do provide a near 50/50 chance of winning however, games like craps and roulette rely purely on chance with skill and ability not really playing a factor into the way the games are played. Much like slots, online versions rely on RNG to have truly random throws but given it would be the same for physical throws too it’s very much the same – although not truly a 50/50 as there are other factors to consider, the odds are much better than the slots and can certainly give a much better chance at walking away with a pay-out.

Blackjack is the big winner – It’ll be no surprise to many to see a card game at the top of the list – the skill based games like Poker are certainly a fan favourite and do certainly reward those who put in the time. But blackjack is another of the big favourites, and perhaps unsurprisingly to many statistically the game with the best chances of winning at both online and offline casinos. The big benefit for online casinos is that each hand played is also random, which does in fact work in favour of the player rather than the house, so if you’re looking at maximising your chances this is certainly the best game to play.

There are plenty of other options worth checking out and trying too, many will say  the most important thing is to play for fun and the wins will come but if you do want to focus on the wins then you certainly want to stick to the most favourable options and avoid those which play for the house instead.

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