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05 Aug 2015

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Parklands Festival 2015 will not take place. Advance ticket sales have not met projections, and we cannot proceed without certainty that all event costs will be met.

We put together a tremendous programme of music and performing arts, at a fraction of the cost of previous years, and fully expected this year’s event to more than break even. We were determined to put things straight financially, and countless people have toiled tirelessly to plan and promote the event. We did everything we could, yet that wasn’t enough. We are so very sorry.

While we have faced many challenges in recent months, the overwhelming mood is one of love and support for our festival - a wonderful event which has brought so much joy and inspiration to so many. We are hugely grateful to all the performers, traders, and crew, as well as to members of the management team, who have given so much of their time and energy to the festival. While this is a sad ending, they should all feel proud of the huge achievements we have made over the past ten years. And if you’re ever in any doubt, just take another look at these videos of previous events. Such happy days…  

We express extreme gratitude to all our customers, and in particular to those people who supported the festival this year by purchasing advance tickets - we will be contacting you directly about claiming your refund.

And especially also to everyone at Duncombe Park, the festival’s beautiful home in recent years, for their welcome and immense support. 

Thank you all.

05 Aug 2015

For further information contact Customer Services on 07803 570399 or email enquiries@parklands.events