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Festival Information

Information for people with disabilities

Welcome to Helmsley!

Galtres Festival welcomes people with disabilities and is aiming to be an accessible and DDA-compliant event.

The festival takes place on a single level site with a gentle gradient. The surface is grass which is topped (ie mown) just before the festival, but can be bumpy in places.

If there is a lot of rain it will get muddy in places and access to some areas will be difficult for wheelchair users. However we put down trackway on main routes if bad weather is expected.

A dedicated parking area for cars for people with disabilities is located right next to the main entry point. Enter via Gate 0 if you have the orange badge.

The ticket office has one low DDA-compliant window - and during the festival food and drink vouchers may also be purchased at this window.

Disabled toilets are located in all the main areas of the festival and campsite.

We've booked a 1m high disabled viewing platform for the Duke Stage arena which will be situated near to the sound desk.

Disabled people who require a carer to accompany them are entitled to a free ticket for the carer - but we ask that you show us the paperwork which confirms this requirement. And when you book your tickets use the notes field to add a request for a carer ticket, and refer to the documentation you have already sent to us by email.

We've ordered showers in the campsite which include a disabled unit and ramp.

We have a dedicated camping area for people with disabilities next to the main entrance area. The field for campervans and motorhomes at Mosswood is a stubble field so may not be suitable for wheelchair users - let us know if this affects you and we will relocate your campervan or caravan.

And do let us know also if there are any other measures you'd like us to take to make the event more comfortable for people with disablities.

For further information contact The Festival Team on 07803 570399 or email enquiries@galtresfestival.org.uk