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About Us

Charities policy and application e-form

Distribution of funds to charities and community groups – guidelines for applicants

1. Introduction
Galtres Festival is an annual event which started in 2005 and which takes place in August or September in North Yorkshire. It combines a music and dance festival, a beer and cider festival, a festival of family fun, and a local food festival. It is run by a professional event management company but is owned by a registered charity, and donates a share of any profits raised by the event to charities and causes. This document sets out how we decide to distribute the proceeds. It should be noted however that the distribution of funds is subject to the event being profitable, which cannot be guaranteed.
For more information about our event please look around this website.
2. Structure of donations
We typically decide on two or three main charities before the Festival, and advertise these to sponsors and to Festival go-ers. It is intended that these charities will receive 50% of the available proceeds between them. The remaining 50% is usually divided between around 10 other charities or causes - applications are invited and a decision made usually in the November following the Festival. The decision is made by the Festival Trustees in consultation with the event organisers. Sponsors, participants and attendees are invited to suggest beneficiaries and we write to proposed beneficiaries to invite an application. Applications are also solicited via the Festival website, via local newspapers, and through specific contact with known organisations.
In the past, main beneficiaries have received £600 - £3,000 and smaller beneficiaries receive £100 - £300
We hope to raise more money in future years, and so to be able to hand out larger donations, but this cannot be guaranteed.
3. General preferences
We prefer:
To make donations which will make a discernible difference, improving the lives of disadvantaged people or the local environment.
To make donations which fund a specific project or the purchase of a piece of equipment.
To make donations which will benefit people or the environment in the area around the festival locations - generally the YO61 and YO62 postcode areas
To make donations which reflect one or more of the values of the Festival as set out in our constitution, i.e.

-       Promote enjoyment of good real ales, ciders, food and live music- Promote awareness of extent and quality of locally-produced ales, ciders, food and music

-       Support local independent breweries, cider houses, food producers and musicians

-       Organise a fun, family day out

-       Strengthen the communities of the Forest of Galtres area   (So for example a music therapy workshop, or a course for disadvantaged youngsters involving growing and cooking local food might well attract our support)

To make donations which will extend benefits beyond a specific club or organisation
To obtain a balance between medical and non-medical charities, and between people-based and environmental projects.
4. General exclusions
We prefer not:
To make donations which simply add to a pot of money
To support specific religious or political causes (although where religious or political groups are involved in projects which do meet our objectives, and where religious or political doctrines are not overt, we would not discriminate against such applications).
To make donations where the benefit will mostly be enjoyed outside the YO61 or YO62 areas
To make donations to relatively affluent organisations, where the money would probably be found with or without our help
5. Procedures for applying
To apply by email click here and complete the application questions
or post your application to
Charity Applications
Galtres Festival
The Hawk Creative Business Park
Hawkhills, Easingwold
York YO61 3FE

Please remember to include:
A brief introduction to your organisation
Web links for more detail, or information as to where more information can be obtained if necessary
Quantify your application
State specifically how you will use the money
Link your application to our stated preferences
Set out who will benefit
Any relevant dates/deadlines you face
Contact details
6. Application deadlines
If you wish to be a main beneficiary, please apply by 9 April
If you wish to be a smaller beneficiary please apply by 30 September.
We will respond to your application with a decision by 30 November and forward any payment soon after.
7. Charities' presence at the festival
We are keen for Festival go-ers and sponsors to know how the proceeds from our event are distributed, and each year we set up display boards detailing the donations from the previous year. We'd like charities which have benefited or which are to benefit to have a higher profile and would welcome your presence at the Festival.
To apply by email click here.

For further information contact on 07803 570399 or email camp.galtres@icloud.com