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About Us

Environment and conservation policy

1. Introduction

The organisers of Galtres Parklands Festival wish to minimize the carbon footprint of our event, to protect the natural environment, and to make a positive contribution to local conservation.

2. Specific objectives

2.1 We want as many people as possible to use public transport to travel to and from the Festival. This involves:

good information about existing bus services, via website and with tickets

putting on additional bus services as required

2.2 We wish to discourage arriving by car – eg a voluntary carbon tax on unoccupied seats in a vehicle on arrival, or charging for parking

2.2 By working with local businesses, suppliers and performers we wish to minimize transportation distances – everything from marquees and printing, to food and drink.

2.3 Waste should be minimized by re-use where possible – eg Festival glasses for drinking

2.4 All unavoidable waste should be sorted for recycling or composted

2.5 Any disposal items such as food packaging should be biodegradable

2.6 In the interests of carbon offsetting and the natural environment we should develop our tree planting scheme, where all attendees are invited when they buy tickets to contribute to the cost of planting trees.

2.7 We should explore ways of reducing energy consumed at the Festival itself, including biofuels or solar pv for the generator, solar thermal showers etc

2.8 Flyers, programmes and other paper-based outputs should be printed onto recycled paper where possible

2.9 We should take great care to look after our Festival site and the area around, including careful clearing up afterwards, reseeding and replanting where necessary, and protecting neighbouring fields and hedgerows with security fencing where appropriate

2.10 We should ensure that no chemical waste from toilets is spilled into the local watercourse, providing suitable disposal facilities and ensuring public toilets are regularly services

2.11 We should ensure our charitable donations include sums to stimulate projects involving conservation and horticulture, especially for young people

For further information contact on 07803 570399 or email camp.galtres@icloud.com